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OTOMOTO Kitchen Sink

OTOMOTO Kitchen Sink

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Inspired by compact, space-saving kitchen units often seen in Japan, the OTOMOTO system comprises a full-length sink made from Cosentino’s Silestone material, atop a utilitarian timber frame. The sink has two lips or runners on the longer sides: an upper one to hold up to six chopping boards of Paulownia wood, which can be set side by side to create a worktop when needed; and a lower one intended to support modular Gastronorm containers, a staple of industrial kitchens that can be reconfigured with ease. Creators Ryan Gander and Tony Chambers, who worked with architects Matheson Whiteley to realise this prototype, were motivated by ergonomics and moved by the function and elemental beauty of Gastronorm. ‘It makes perfect sense that a kitchen moves around the chef, not that the chef moves around the kitchen. Did you ever consider how far you walk during the preparation of a meal? Not only does the sink save space and time but it also saves energy. The system speaks to a love of thoughtful simplicity in an often oversized and overcluttered material world.

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