Collection: Typographic Gastronorms

Typographic Gastronorms is an exploration into one of the key building blocks of the OTOMOTO kitchen sink: the gastronorm. Used in industrial kitchens as a universal standard, these compact tins are the epitome of efficient design. In the kitchen sink, they are your best tools, but they're so much more than that.

Typographic Gastronorms demonstrates the power of proportion, and the poise of pattern, taking the reader through a journey in abstraction. Designed by TC & Friends, the book draws reference from typographer Anthon Froshaug's book Typographic Norms. One more little line needed to keep the spacing.


The book moves through multiple sections, assigning a colour to each of the gastronorms. What starts out as singular experimentation with one gastronorm evolves into a study of symmetry and asymmetry. Gastronorms are overlapped, extrapolated and reassembled to make new and exciting forms.

The final acts document the meeting of worlds, and the power of tools brought together, highlighting their harmonious nature. Patterns emerge, are broken, and documented as a trial-and-error – working out the kinks to get a perfect system. A true reflection of adaptation and the power of good design.

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