What is OTOMOTO?
OTOMOTO is an art, design, and ideas platform by artist Ryan Gander and creative director Tony Chambers.

What does OTOMOTO mean?
OTOMOTO is derived from Japanese, and loosely translates to 'close at hand'. It is a palindrome, which means its read the same way front to back.

When was OTOMOTO launched?
OTOMOTO was initially launched on 02.02.2020, a rare palindromic date, but had been previewed at a few design events beforehand. The rest of the line launched in 2022.

What products does OTOMOTO sell?
OTOMOTO's first product was the kitchen sink, a customizable, multi-use kitchen system designed by the two founders. Additionally, OTOMOTO specializes in innovative and unique art and design objects. They range from home goods to sculpture, to fine art prints and beyond.

How can I contact OTOMOTO?
For all general inquiries, please contact hello@otomoto-life.com. For press inquiries, please contact press@otomoto-life.com.

Where can I follow OTOMOTO on social media?
You can follow us on Instagram @otomotolife.
Where is OTOMOTO based?
OTOMOTO is based in the UK between London and Suffolk, but we're a global brand.